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Biography and Artist Statement



Porter’s over-arching vision is to create beauty in all aspects of life. Her designs are how she expresses herself – they offer her a way to communicate when words can’t. Porter explains that a design could be based on a silly sentence, a stimulating conversation, a museum exhibit or a movie. To her, life itself is inspiring. Porter says, “I like to create things that make me happy, things that I can’t find in stores, and items that make other people happy."


Growing up in the art colony town of Taos, New Mexico, Porter was inspired by the natural beauty of the alpine valley, images of fashion icon Millicent Rogers and the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe, and Agnes Martin. 

Porter had a passion for Flamenco and while working on routines with the yards of skirt, she developed an appreciation for fabric. Porter taught herself to sew and began designing clothes for family and friends. She attended The Art Institute of California in San Francisco, which allowed her to further develop her desire to master fabric. 

After college, Porter worked in the fashion industry, but found that she wanted to learn more about various avenues of art. This desire led her back home to Taos, where she further cultivated her aesthetic, and worked alongside many artists she grew up admiring. In addition to her love of fabric and design, Porter enjoys painting, book-making and jewelry-making. Porter currently resides in North Carolina!