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My experience with women's circles has been primarily related to my native ceremony groups. It is a truly powerful experience. You build strong bonds that are lasting, and as your community grows, everyone’s confidence in themselves and each other expands.
There is no cost, however if you would like to bring a light snack to share or you may also leave a donation if you desire. 
Currently holding closed sessions for a small group, however If you would like to participate, we are currently taking applications

Be seen, heard and understood without judgement!
children welcome - participate to your comfort level - Stilettos Optional

What is a Women’s Circle?

Traditionally women were working together in community, and it is something I think we could use more of, so I have decided to offer this time and space to honor each other as well as our ancestors. 

  • Women are naturally more oriented to relationships & connection.
  • A sacred space honoring the uniqueness of each individual
  • Everyone is equal
  • It’s a safe space where you can speak from your heart
  • Listening is directed to both individuals who are speaking and the themes, connections, wisdom & energy that is emerging within the context created
  • It’s a container that can hold diverse perspectives
  • It’s a space for you to tell your stories, talk about your roles, gifts, concerns & visions.
  • It’s a space for you to create the future you desire
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