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Laura Gown

I designed the Laura Gown in college. I got an "F" on this assignment!

Let me explain, the assignment was to pick 2 or more fabrics, that you have never "touched" or worked with before, and simply based off of the descriptions, create a design. It was actually a five design assignment, but I got an "F" on this design. 

When I asked why, my instructor told me it was impossible to create, and I must have misunderstood the assignment. I have to say I was pretty discouraged, and really upset, because I thought my idea was amazing! 

It took me several years to become brave enough create it, but I am beyond happy that I did!

Below are the definitions, along with the reason I chose it. The definitions are not as in depth as the ones we were given, that go deeper into the size of the weave and how it is woven, but that was a big part of why I put these four together. They had some things in common with each other, so I thought they would play nicely with one another. 

Made from tightly twisted crepe fibers, chiffon is lightweight, extremely sheer, almost transparent fabric that has a slightly bumpy texture.

I liked this one, because it is a fine sheer silk. This is the purple part of the bodice. 

Gauze - A thin, sheer fabric with a loose open weave that is usually made from cotton or silk.

I just thought it would be fun to make a gown with something I associate with being a bandage that gets tossed. Make something beautiful out of something that has a different association. This is the green section that alternates with the purple chiffon. I also got joy in the idea of it being paired and intertwined with chiffon. 

Monks Cloth - A coarse heavy fabric in basket weave made originally of worsted and used for monk's habits but now chiefly of cotton or linen and used for draperies

I just LOVED the description of this. Basket weave yes, but it is light and airy and heavy at the same time, this is actually four (or more) loose cotton strands woven. The drapes you can achieve are so much fun!

-Disclaimer this is the messiest fabric I have ever worked with. 

Denim - A strong, durable twill weave cotton fabric, originating in Nimes, France, made with different colored yarns in the warp and the weft. The weft passes under two or more warp fibers, which produces a diagonal ribbing found on the reverse of the fabric. 

So I knew I wanted to piece these amazing fabrics together, and Denim was familiar, I had not worked with it. I thought it would be the best thing to give me structure for the bodice, and would have the strength to hold onto the monks cloth. 

I think it is beautiful and fun, and I would love to create more based off this one. 

I created the "Laura Gown", based off the silly idea my friend Laura would run away with the circus, and leave the world she knew behind. Well, if she did run away with the circus, I hope she would wear this gown! 

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