Hanbok to K-Pop

Porter was invited to do a fashion show for an artist opening at El Monte Sagrado for Michael Miro, Glass artist. His show explored the similarities between Kabuki Theater and current J-Pop fashions. Porter Decided to explore Korean Fashions in the same light.

The first piece is my take on the traditional women's dress called "Hanbok".

The dress itself is a tube dress that ties above the bust. The jacket was necessary for modesty. 


Alexander Photography

Porter observed that the overall silhouette is still carries an element of modesty.


The orange denim to match the orange of the fabric in the blouse.


If you are interested in the evolution of the hair pieces, Please visit the collection titled "hair".


Everything ties together. Porter wanted to keep the idea of a tied or a wrap skirt, but making it modern and fitted. 


Black Jacket was inspired by the colorful decorative back of the Peacock Spider.

Modest, Playful and sometimes suggestive.

Animals and creatures are often the focal point of modern pop culture fashions. Porter opted to use the blowfish as inspiration.

The beauty is in the details of embroidery, and glass beading, which provides movement and excitement.

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